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Welcome to Sac-O-Suds Laundry Services; Drop Your Pants Here!

Hi Everyone!  I am finally going to take a quick minute to welcome you to Sac-O-Suds Laundry Services!  I have been putting off starting our newsletter because everything isn’t complete yet.  We are still waiting on the finishing touches of our renovation of the store, we still have an ugly ceiling so I haven’t done our photos yet, so we have generic stock photos on our website.  Starting our social media before everything is “show ready” feels even scarier to me than social media in general.  I don’t want to blow our “one chance to make a good impression.”  The more I realized ALL that we needed to coordinate, the more I put off getting started. 

I have so many things I would really like to say, to tell you a little bit about my husband and myself, why we took a HUGE left turn from our life path and bought a laundromat with the goal of living a life more focused on family and community.  Like any good quest, we have encountered obstacles and challenges, but we have really amazing helpers and guides.   We count many blessings from our coworkers, customers, HappyNest partners, North Providence Neighbors, and of course our family.  But if I have learned anything from the past year as a small business owner it is that you have to start small, and manageable.  So you will get that story, but not all in one piece, and not today.  Today we are going to talk about business slogans. 

I recently realized that I don’t have a slogan for our laundromat.  And for a few weeks, I considered leaving it that way.   But once I realized it was “missing” I started to notice the spot on our website where a slogan would go- which only says “Located in North Providence”, and the missing piece on the t-shirts I was designing.  Cute business slogans started jumping out at me whenever I was out and about.  (Coffee shops have some really adorable ones!) It nagged me that I couldn’t come up with one, nor could I let it go and be OK with a slogan-less business.  So I decided to go to the internet for inspiration! 

If you like corny puns, searching for slogans will provide you some amusement, but I have to be honest- the laundry slogans were not it. 

Take a Bite Out of Grime’ 

‘Let us Hurt Your Dirt’ 

‘Finest Personal Touch Clean’ (ewww)

‘An Amusement Park for your Clothes’ (what?)

‘Smell me, I’m Clean’ (no thank you)

‘Drop Your Pants Here’ (funny, but no)

‘Laundry Today or Naked Tomorrow’ (I kinda like it-LOL, but still no)

I did find a few that I thought were cute:  

Laundry: The Original Dirty Dancing’ (I mean- it’s Dirty Dancing)

‘Laundry: The Never-Ending Story’ (ahhh ah, ahhh ah, ahhh ah)

‘Dirty Laundry Welcome: Judgement Free Zone’,

‘Laundry: Because Step 1 Is Accepting Your Messy Self’.

I have spent a lot of time (too much time!) debating the benefits of a slogan.  I was seriously considering: Life is Messy, we can help! (at least with your laundry).  I even put it on our website just to try it out, but that has given me no clarity.   

So far this is what I have decided- I would like a slogan.  I think they do serve a purpose beyond generic marketing.  In our current scroll society we have less than 3 seconds to grab someone’s attention.  I am making a very sustained effort to be more intentional about where I focus my time & attention, who and how I’m engaging with the people in my life.  And in my mind “Drop your pants here”, isn’t exactly the kind of energy I want to put out there to the universe.   It might grab someone’s attention briefly, but it won’t represent who we are at Sac-O-Suds Laundry Services.  So for today, along with everything else, our slogan is a work in progress.  When it feels right, I will print it on the t-shirt and complete the look.  But in the meantime, I am going to embrace the opportunity practice being OK without a fully completed marketing strategy and plan.   And take it one day at a time. 

What do you think?  I would love some of your suggestions for a slogan- what are your favorites?? Do you think slogans are important for a small business?  

Stay tuned for a “Grand Re-Opening” Party at the Laundromat this summer, working on a quizzo night with discounted machine prices,  a Mommy & Me story time coming this fall, as well as ‘Find our HappyNest Drivers ‘ promotion for our pickup and delivery service coming soon!

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